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"I have had the privilege of working with Mission Waco | Mission World for over twenty-years and they exemplify what it means to give sacrificially. I pray I have the courage, one day, to come close to what they do each day."

~ Dina Dwyer-Owens | Dwyer Group ~

"What a blessing Mission Waco | Mission World has been to me; this ministry is faith-forming and life-changing, why wouldn't you want to be a part?"

~ Rev. Rene' Maciel | First Baptist Woodway ~

"We have supported Mission Waco | Mission World for twenty years and encourage everyone to join in the support of this organization that is so vital to our community."

~ Mr. & Mrs. Billy and Patty Davis | Harrison, Davis, Steakley, Morrison P.C. ~


"Mission Waco has faithfully served our city by empowering those in need and challenging them to reinvest in others in the same way. Please join us in supporting this important work!"

~ Robert Callahan | Law Office of Callahan & King ~

"Mission Waco | Mission World offers a 'hand-up' and a new vision to those who are willing to do some of the work themselves. This is the kind of organization that I want to be a part of."

~ Ernest Stiba | Stiba Wealth Management ~