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"It's hard for me to believe that just over twenty-five years ago, Janet and I were given a donation to do what we were called to do...empower the poor and marginalized. Like Paul, we were willing to work a 'tent-making' job to pay the bills and engage in this ministry outside hours of employment. Instead, God honored our dreams so we could work full-time in our 'vocation' to build relationships with our struggling neighbors and develop programs with them to impact their whole family and a broken neighborhood.
That one donation not only affirmed our direction, but reaffirmed the biblical pattern that 'some sow, some water, and some reap.' The generosity and support of others that began in 1992 has allowed us to sow the seeds of hope and transformation in Waco through job training, children and youth programs, a homeless shelter, alcohol and drug recovery efforts, a health and legal clinic for the under-resourced, community development and even a non-profit grocery store for the last twenty-five years. Every check received in the mail or online has been like 'manna from heaven' to us, giving wings to this significant ministry in Waco, Texas, and in countries like Haiti, Mexico, and India. Thousands of men, women and children have been impacted for these twenty-five years, and it all began when someone like you put a check in the mail to support Mission Waco | Mission World.
We begin again to dream the improbable and believe by faith the next twenty-five years can accomplish more than we ever imagined. The good news is we now have an incredible staff, hundreds and hundreds of volunteers, and years of successful experience to build on.
What is needed now is the financial underwriting to sow, water and trust God for the harvest over the next twenty-five years.
For the last couple of months, we have held over thirty focus groups all over Waco. From the resourced and influential to the poor themselves, we have listned well to their ideas and priorities of this ministry as we looked forward. Mission Waco's board of directors has prayed, assessed and now determined that it is time for us to go forward with a financial campaign, built on those same principles we began with many years ago. While the projects change, the heart and faith behind all that we do is consistent.
So now we begin.
We are inviting you to consider a sacrificial donation as a fellow laborer with us for the years ahead. Janet and I have committed to give the largest gift we have ever made to any ministry because we believe in this so much. Over the next three to five years both your donation and ours can reap a harvest of change for thousands more than we did these first twenty-five years. With your sacrificial gift added to ours, we can impact the lives of the poor and marginalized like never before.
Will you join us on this exciting venture of faith?"

Jimmy Dorrell, Executive Director